Taurus woman dating a cancer man Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Love Horoscope

Taurus woman dating a cancer man, cancer can cry

Hell, even texted me and cussed me out for talking to another guy. It seemed like it was more than just sex at the beginning, we exchanged over texts each in the first 10 days! I could tell she understood me never felt it so strong.

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When he cuddles me and through his non-verbal I feel his loving and nurturing side. It's up to him, and time. Now I just want to ask, it is possible that he still likes me? I met this man accidentally, we had this taurus woman dating a cancer man chemistry, had a o. This guy is so wrong for her it is not even funny. He has put a smile on my face. I have been with a Cancerian guy for 6 yrs now For the first time in years you feel alive.

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In fact, unless other factors in your charts indicate a capacity for effort and discipline, you may sail through life doing whatever comes easiest and depending a great deal on your "pretty face" or pleasing, likeable manner to get by. Now here i am ,confusedemotional and feeling heartbroken cause he won't express his feelings.

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The Cancerian male secretly desires to be babied by his woman. I need some advice, Taurus women. They love sharing their own time for each other and their home.

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Cardinal water, Cancer is a traditionalist, as is its Earth sign, Capricorn. I never believed in soul mates, well I have found mine and the other piece of my heart. When I don't hear from him I don't wait for him to call, and go out on dates. I could finally admit that I had been wrong for all these years about love.

I am a cancer woman and the best relationship I ever had was with a Taurus. We r engaged and living together.

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I know if I dies… My beloved will find me. At second glance, they still do. I couldn't make it but I know Cancer was there. I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer man and he is so gentle, sweet, kind and loving but the only issue about him is that he rarely says what is on his mind and that is really scary because sometimes I feel I have to force emotions or words out of his mouth and he rarely expresses his emotions For this taurean woman, the perfect match is a hard working, take charge, romantic but head on shoulder and sexually adventurous, sensual and faithful Capricorn man.

So we got closer a lil bit in during class until we had our graduation.

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We miss each other like hell. When I look into his eyes I feel like I knew this man from another life. As a Taurean guy a gay to be completely honestI had no interest with any person that I had ever met irl. I'd be more concerned about you, from what I can tell. I am a Taurus female and I love the attention and the affection that he shows me Cancer men are sensitive and Taurus Women have more of a backbone.

Everyday felt as the first.

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Both of the Taurus woman and Cancer man are not interested in expanding their social relationship. I miss him so much. She kinda got sad because she doesn't have the money for it due to her low income.

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