Dating my male teacher Dating my teacher? help? ?

Dating my male teacher, true confession: student and teacher relationship

I understand this post is from years ago, but if there is a young girl googling this and reading my response then please do not hesitate to get ahold of me.

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August 22, in ClassroomEducationHumor Tags: Love is love, and when we made that bond in the classroom-- with no sexual or romantic contact-- it just allowed for it to grow on us later on. You should enjoy being JUST 16 and dating guys from your school.

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I was smart but didn't apply myself as much as I should have, yet I almost always developed an easy rapport with my teachers. Martin, my sophomore English teacher, was alone in his classroom and I decided to drop in for a chat. Sometimes in life, happiness is fleeting.

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Lots of stress will weigh down on your relationship and make things really hard. We just connect, I guess. We continued to talk almost every day, though.

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They can't help but see the ex student as a student and they are affected by the taboo. My mum encouraged me to catch up with my best friends from high school, but I felt a bit nervous meeting up with Laura and the girls after five years which felt like five decades.

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This page may be out of date. What is it like to date your high school teacher? We have now been dating for 9 months and he is my shining star.

So for starters, this guy has pretty bad judgment for putting his job and reputation on the line like this.

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I used it - stupid photons having momentum but no mass! Still looking for an answer?

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August 5, at 2: He's a student teacher and he's leaving the school and it sucks because we found each other in place where we can't date and it datings my male teacher. Don't get mixed up with this guy. We still talked about books and music, but Greg would also mention ex-girlfriends and told me about women he slept with while backpacking through Europe.

Search me, baby.

If you have a thirst for knowledge, a teacher may just be your ideal mate. This is a beautiful entry.

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Hope you guys the best forever ever! No offense to you, but you're only