Community support networks for safe dating Getting Help with Domestic Violence

Community support networks for safe dating

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IPV is defined as threatened, attempted, or completed physical or sexual violence or emotional abuse by a current or former intimate partner. Tangled in a web of affiliation: All participants will be notified that they can withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.


We will not use the DA or DA-R for risk assessment in the relationship as these are specific components of the safety decision App intervention, but we will assess risk factors for severe violence as identified on IPV websites such as the Red Flag Campaign. The App uses this information to provide personalized safety planning information and resources. Participants can contact the RA if they have technical problems with the website or App, questions or concerns about the study, or need help finding someone safe to talk to.

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This study is a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of an interactive safety decision aid web-based and smartphone application App for abused college women and their friends. Informed consent and enrollment Once eligibility has been assessed, the RA community support networks for safe dating conduct informed consent with potential participants. Baseline data collection Participants access the study website or App to complete data collection.

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Amar AF, Gennaro S. There is also a network of culturally specific resource centers that works to address the impact of domestic violence within and culturally relevant responses for the following ethnic and racially specific communities:.

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Was this page helpful? Understand your rights and how to document the actions of others that are creating a dangerous and unsafe environment. As compared to the risks of a person seeking services and communicating with domestic violence services in the community, and viewing domestic violence safety information on a website or App, the risks are no greater.

The intervention App allows users to enter information on: JA and ME participated in drafting the manuscript.

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Following these safety protocols in previous online research, no adverse events were reported. Outcomes awareness of IPV, decisional conflict, supportive behaviors and confidence to intervene for friends will be collected by self-report at baseline, 6- and months post App session using validated measures. Had too little information. NIDA research monograph no.

Safety mechanism for online data collection A link, username, and password to the secure study App will be emailed to the safe email provided by participant. In Maryland, we requested a waiver of signed consent from the IRB and will use an oral consent script to conduct informed consent in lieu of requiring a signed document linking the study participant to a relationship abuse study.

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Variables for which significant differences are found will be included as covariates in the analyses where appropriate. Pinard GF, Pagani L, editors.

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Safety mechanisms to ensure data privacy All persons with access to data PI, co-investigators, RAs, consultants will rigorously follow procedures to ensure confidentiality of data.